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Can we sing for you?

Global Harmony works with charities and other groups

We perform at least three concerts every year with the proceeds going either to to groups who work with us to stage the event, or  to causes close to the hearts of choir members. We have recently worked with Macmillan, Scarrington Friends of Cancer Research and the Rutland Water Osprey Project.

In 2014, we took a new direction, looking away from the Melton area to communities in the inner city. We spent a most fulfilling day teaching some of our songs to a multi cultural primary school in Leicester and a enjoyed a warm welcome from a community church in Nottingham.

We are keen to collaborate with other choirs and musical groups and are fortunate to have two sister choirs - Woven Chords in Stamford and Canta Koume in the Loire Valley in France.

We also have a small group of about 15 singers, CLOSE HARMONY, who are able to sing at weddings and smaller venues which might not be appropriate for our full 70 strong choir.

To book us, or for further information, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We sing at large concert venues such as theatres


We often squeeze into village churches, confined spaces being no hindrance to our enthusiasm! 




We love the glamour of a Festival Stadium!


Wherever we perform, we give of our best and audiences get caught up in the choir's enthusiasm, energy and enjoyment as they are taken on a round the world tour in song.