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Our History


We are now in our fifteenth year!

We were formed in September 1999 under the watchful eye of Sally Brown who is well known locally for her leadership of the gospel "Choir Invisible" based in Grantham. We began as a women’s group, the singing was, as now, all a cappella and the repertoire was music from around the world.

Chris Rowbury, Musical Director of Worldsong in Coventry and Woven Chords in Stamford, became our next musical director after Easter 2001, and over the next four years, Global Harmony grew in size and confidence. We opened our doors to male voices and now have a strong bass section!

In September 2005 we began a new chapter in our musical history when the irrepressible Liz Underhill became our musical director. Liz also directs our sister choir Woven Chords in Stamford.

We have gone from strength to strength under Liz's expert guidance and boundless enthusiasm and are in great demand for concerts.



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