Joy to the world

"It was brilliant to feel the wonderful comradeship of the Global Harmony Family again as we shared our love of singing with a real live audience! It was a very special and poignant evening that brought warmth to our hearts." Brenda, Soprano
"For me it was just joyous and great to sing to an audience again" Liz, Alto
"It brought joy to my heart" Anthoula, Friend in the audience
"The sopranos sounded very sweet" Frances, Friend in the audience
"It was a lovely atmosphere and felt as if everyone really enjoyed listening and watching you perform again." Carl, our Musical Director
Joyous seems to be the word to describe Global Harmony's first concert in 2 years at Sandy Lane Methodist Church, which had been decorated by choir members to give a festive atmosphere. An informal event in a new venue for the choir, there had been some anxiety amongst singers that low numbers and almost 2 years of rehearsing on Zoom might affect our performance. Doors and windows were open to keep choir and audience safe, so all in all a rather unusual environment for everyone! 
As soon as we began to sing our first song, it was apparent that there had been no need to worry! Everyone sang confidently and with great enthusiasm which soon transmitted to the audience. Admittedly there were one or two wobbly starts, but the joy of singing together again was in no way diminished. Songs we had learnt virtually, Thina Simunye, Hamba Kahle, All is Calm and Cold, Kadja Pojo, Lay down Sister and Until we Meet each Other Again were as polished as old favourites Shoshaloza and Lulajze Jesu.
There are a number of thanks to be given for the success of the concert. Carl has done a wonderful job keeping the choir going throughout the pandemic, supported by our hardworking Committee.
We are very grateful indeed to Sandy Lane Methodist Church for allowing us to use the Church free of charge for the concert and to Mick, who has looked after us so well.
Thanks to all the "resting" members who for one reason or another weren't able to come to rehearsals but continued to support the choir, and to the singers who couldn't make it on the night. 
And finally, thanks to our singers who really did bring joy to the corner of the world that is Melton and to our audience who responded so generously.
Sula Lula
Gloucestershire Wassail 
Carol of the bells
Thina Simunye 
Hamba Kahle 
All is calm and cold
Lulajze Jezunui
Forever Young 
Kadja Podjoh 
Abasundu Nabamhlope
The Xmas Blues
Nu tendas tusen
Long Walk to Freedom
Until we meet each other again

Hello everyone

I’m sorry to say we have had a second notification of a positive Covid test, both of which are in the tops. Carl and the committee have had to make the very difficult decision to cancel Monday’s session (27 sept).  This will be for one week only to give everyone time to be doubly sure that they have no symptoms and have tested negative on several occasions.

I understand that many people will be disappointed as they are perfectly well but we have a duty to everyone to consider their well-being.

As I said in the previous email, this is something we will have to learn to live with and at the present time we have no plans to cancel any other sessions. After all, we’re looking on the bright side and have lots more singing to do!

We hope you understand and, as always, if you have any queries please email me.



Our first outdoor sing for a while. Lovely to see people outside of their Zoom windows and to hear harmonies again. Some of them were actually quite beautiful, at least they didn't make Carl grimace too much!!





We’re back - and in harmony! Well, mostly! It was wonderful to be joined at the Cattle Market by so many familiar happy faces so greatly missed on Zoom. The ‘newbies’ picked up the songs so quickly we were soon making a fabulous sound and this fills us with optimism for the future. Looking forward to seeing everyone in September.


On 31st October, the first "live" choir session since March took place in the Traders' Hall in the Cattle Market. Many thanks to the Committee who had worked hard, interpreting the guidelines, devising a Risk Assessment and chalking places for us to stand. The pigeons were an appreciative, if flighty, audience.

Another session had been planned for Saturday 14th November, but has had to be postponed, due to the lockdown

Hazel, our Chair, writes;

What a wonderful morning! The howling wind and the driving rain of Storm Aiden could not deter the socially-distanced singers who made it to the cattle market in Melton today. Everyone stuck to the rules and kept to their allotted space but it was great to be able to see people face to face (not too close!) and exchange news and smiles and laughter.

Carl’s programme of songs was a perfect mix of old and new and it was delightful to hear the harmonies (well, most of the time!) and combined voices after so long.  It shows how much we’ve learned during our Zoom isolation. We even had to have an encore of Fa’a Fetai  so that the boys could enjoy their spectacular ending! So thank you, Carl, for your patience and enthusiasm. Here’s to the next time.

By the way, Carole Clohesy joined us and sang along with great gusto even if she didn’t always know the tune  - or the words! – so well done to her.  And she came all the way on her bike!