Close Harmony set out on the second leg of our 2016 tour, to Long Clawson, for a concert billed "Let them Entertain you" No pressure there then, remembering Baby June in "Gypsy" and Robbie Williams. We may not have had the glitz and glamour of megastars, but our singing and Hilary Ayling's masterful performance of a number of clever and witty monologues brightened a wet winter evening in the Vale of Belvoir for the audience. Once again, we were really touched to see friends from Global Harmony in the audience - including several who had seen us at Waltham a month earlier! Seriously, it means everything to receive praise and encouragement from our fellow singers. "Fantastic" -Jan "You are so together" - Maxine Thank you so much. Many thanks also to Simon and Sally Ann Shouler who organised the event and generously treated the choir to a delicious supper before the concert in their wonderful historic home. We're also extremely grateful to Karen for silencing the bells!! Thanks as always to Liz whose hard work and dedication produces the great results and to my fellow "Closies" - the most supportive and kind group of people you could wish to find. Sarah Bowie