Freezing Spring weather did not deter a capacity audience at Syston Methodist Church on Saturday 17th March.

Bad weather had been a theme during the spring term of rehearsals, with a couple of sessions cancelled due to snow. This did not affect the standard of performance offered to a very receptive and enthusiastic audience.

The programme featured many choir favourites, or “oldies”, as they are colloquially known, chosen from the singers’ top 20, including the Kink’s Days, and a number of rousing South African numbers such as Iqude, Magano and  Vuma as well as the choir’s signature version of Nkosi Sikelele Africa. Premiered on the evening were an aboriginal song from Australia, Ungala, with added body percussion and Nkosi Dali Wethu from South Africa.

There was a very touching moment at the end of the concert, when the choir’s customary floral offering to Liz was presented by Mary Ward, a “retired”, long standing, and much loved member of Global Harmony who had been in the audience.

"Thank you again for an absolutely splendid evening of entertainment.
Your choir obviously has quite a following, which boosted audience
numbers considerably, and so many people bought raffle tickets too!
The final total was far better than I hoped for - a magnificent

I think it will take us all a few days to recover from the excitement
of the occasion."

DEBBIE, from Syston Methodist Church

All in all, well worth the long journey home in arctic conditions that faced many members of the choir and audience.